Hi, I’m Lisa Baker, badass freelance health content writer who’s also a registered nurse.

I bring my extensive knowledge of marketing and content strategy as well as my first-person knowledge of medical practice and systems to your projects.

I’ve got the expertise your content strategy needs

When I’m working on your health content, I bring a deep understanding not just of healthcare information and research but also of the big picture behind your content needs, from keywords to business metrics. I can help you build content that is not just medically accurate but also meets your content strategy goals, whether that’s education, SEO traffic, or sales.

Writing helps me stay up to date on both new developments in healthcare and on the latest technologies for content development and strategy.


  • Wrote website content that landed the #1 Google rank for long-tail keywords on day of publication
  • Never missed a deadline in 15 years of freelancing
  • Identified, contacted, and interviewed experts like doctors, authors, and researchers to provide credibility and accuracy to the content I wrote
  • Wrote error-free content for well-known publications and companies like Healthline.com, Self.com, and Publix.

More about my story

There are lots of nurses who are also freelance writers.

But I’m not a nurse who became a health writer; I’m a writer who became a nurse.

I started freelance writing and blogging in 2008 — back when blogging was still relatively new. I was learning SEO when Google first released the Chrome browser. As a new writer in the time when content marketing was exploding, I wrote for a variety of topics and industries: legal, technology, SaaS, parenting, and lifestyle as well as health.

Along the way, I also learned about content strategy, copywriting, influencer marketing, data analysis, and how content fits into the big-picture goals of a business. I worked with companies from startups to household names.

It was through freelance writing and volunteering that I discovered my passion for healthcare. That was why I decided to go to nursing school.

Now, I work as an RN in one of the busiest emergency rooms in the U.S. at a large teaching hospital, where I get to see and care for an incredible variety of health conditions and treatments. That experience and knowledge constantly informs my writing, keeping me on the cutting edge of clinical care.