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Website page for a hospital breast reconstruction center.

Breast Reconstruction Center 

The only breast cancer center in Maryland with National Cancer Institute designation 

Navigating all the options for your breast reconstruction surgery is challenging. 

Let our team of experts make it easier. 

HOSPITAL is the only breast cancer center in Maryland with full designation by the National Cancer Institute. We provide comprehensive breast cancer care, from diagnosis through recovery. Our team of oncologists, geneticists, psychologists, nutritionists, and surgeons are all onsite in our Silver Spring location, so you can conveniently access all the specialists you need. 

From the day you schedule your first visit, you’ll connect with a clinical nurse navigator who will work with you throughout your treatment. Your navigator will guide you through the process to help you understand all your choices. 

Your breast reconstruction options 

We offer a full range of reconstructive surgeries. Your doctor will help you decide which option is best for you. 

Breast flap surgery 

A breast flap surgery uses your own skin and fat tissue to reconstruct your breast. Also called a DIEP (deep inferior epigastric artery perforator) procedure, this technique gives your breasts a more natural shape and feel. This avoids the potential risks of implants. 

We recommend DIEP surgery when possible, since women who have this option are usually more satisfied with their breast reconstruction results. We are one of the premier centers for this surgery in the country. 

Breast reconstruction with implants 

You have two options for breast reconstruction with implants: sub-pectoral breast reconstruction surgery, and pre-pectoral breast reconstruction surgery. 

In a sub-pectoral breast reconstruction, the implant is placed underneath the muscle of your chest. This can cause the implant to move when your muscle contracts, creating the appearance that your breast is moving (a condition called animation deformity). Sub-pectoral implants also can cause pain or tension in your arm and chest muscles. 

We usually recommend pre-pectoral breast reconstruction, where the implant is placed between your muscle and your skin. This procedure generally results in better outcomes. We specialize in this technique, and we perform the most pre-pectoral breast reconstruction surgeries in Maryland. 

We also offer a breast reconstruction revision to convert your existing sub-pectoral implant into a pre-pectoral implant. If you’re unhappy with an existing sub-pectoral implant, we can remove the old implant and replace it with a new, pre-pectoral implant. This can reduce pain and muscle tightness and improve your breast appearance. HOSPITAL Breast Reconstruction Center was an early adopter of this innovative procedure, which can significantly transform your quality of life with breast implants. 

Timing of your breast reconstruction 

Immediate breast reconstruction after mastectomy 

Depending on the next steps in your treatment plan, you may be a candidate for immediate breast reconstruction surgery. If you choose this option, our surgeons will perform the reconstruction while you are still asleep after your mastectomy. Our breast surgeons will coordinate closely with your oncologist and entire surgery team to help you weigh the risks and benefits of this procedure. 

Delayed breast reconstruction after radiation 

If you will need radiation treatments after your mastectomy, then delayed breast reconstruction may be a better choice for you. Radiation can change the shape, size, and feel of your reconstructed breasts, so you may need to wait till after your treatment is completed to have this surgery. Our breast surgeons will coordinate with your medical team to help you choose the best timing for reconstruction. 

Breast reconstruction revision 

If you are unhappy with the appearance or feel of your breasts after a lumpectomy, radiation, or pre-pectoral implant, we can help. We can perform breast reconstruction at any time – even years after your initial surgery. We also offer symmetry reconstruction to make your natural breast match the size and shape of your reconstructed breast. 

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