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Email Onboarding Sequence for New App Users


Email #1

Subj: Welcome to MyFavorite Things!

Hi *|FNAME|*,

Thank you so much for downloading our Be Your Own Influencer App!

We created this app to help you grow your own influence, and to acknowledge you for being the influencer you are. Right from the palm of your hand, you can lock arms with women around a common passion of building community, discovering new products, and earning rewards.

Now that you’ve downloaded the app, you are part of our story…and you can use the app as a tool to start growing your Influence Squad!

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Sign into the App with your email or using your Facebook or Google Account.
  2. You’ll be prompted to complete your profile.
  3. Choose YES to notifications, so you never miss an announcement!
  4. Enter the email of the person who invited you. They’re your Lead Influencer.
  5. Swipe to find your personal link, and share it with friends to start growing your Influencer Squad!
  6. Join our Facebook Group to meet our community of influencers where you can ask questions and connect directly with other women who are growing their Influencer Squad.

Over the next few days, we’ll be sending you more information about how we can help you grow your circle of influence, build your Influencer Squad, and ultimately get rewarded for sharing about brands you love.

In the meantime, reply to this email if you have any questions about how to set up your profile or find your link to share.

And watch your email for more from us soon!

Email #2

Subj: You are an influencer/Welcome to being your own influencer  

Hi *|FNAME|*,

Do you consider yourself an influencer?

If you’re like most women, the answer is “not really.” Or “sure, with my friends and family.” Or maybe, “I’d like to be someday.”

If you’re like most women, the word “influencer” suggests an image of someone very different from you.

Someone famous. Beautiful. A celebrity who posts pictures of the best brands for fashion and travel on her Instagram page.

But here at MyFavorite Things, we believe that influencers don’t look any particular way or fall into any particular mold. We believe that the most important influencers are the “everyday” ones – the women who influence the people in their family, friends, and community…and who often don’t even recognize the influence they have.

In other words, the most important influencers are you.

Our mission at MyFavoriteThings is to empower you to be an influencer. We want to make it easy for women like you to influence change among your family and friends…and in your own growing circle of community.

And sure, we realize that telling your friends about your favorite products isn’t going to change the world in a big way, at least not at first.

But when you discover, curate, and share undiscovered brands that are women-owned, startups that are giving back and doing good in the world?

That will change the world in a small way.

When you can make money for your family by sharing recommendations with your friends, recommendations you would make anyway?

That starts to change the world too.

And when you grow your circle of influence by bringing more amazing women around you to work together?

That sparks a little change that spreads.

And when you add up all those small changes?

They start to have a big influence on the world.

So welcome to your own circle of influence, and I look forward to working with you to take those first small steps toward influencing the world together.

P.S. If you’d like to connect with other women who are growing their influence, we’d love to invite you to our private Facebook group. You can ask question, connect with fellow influencers, and connect with us personally for tips and ideas on how to grow your circle.

Join the group here!

Email #3

Subj: Your commissions!

Hi *|FNAME|*,

Most organizations that enable you to earn commissions by selling a product are structured similar to a franchise. You buy inventory upfront, and then you create your own branch of the business to sell their products.

But at MyFavoriteThings, our structure is a bit different.

Your role in our partnership is less as a franchise or business owner, and more as an everday influencer.

We think this is a more accurate reflection of your relationship with MyFavoriteThings and the brands you share.

When influencers promote a brand, they know the brand itself isn’t their business – their business is their influence, and their ability to connect brands with people they couldn’t otherwise reach. An influencer’s business is built on their relationship with their followers, the trust their followers place in their recommendations, and the value that trust adds to a brand.

When you’re a brand representative or a franchise owner, that product is your business. Your priority is getting sales – and so your focus is on converting people you know, and building new relationships with people who would be good customers for your brand.

But when you’re an influencer, your relationship with your followers is your business. Your priority is providing value to your followers and strengthening those relationships.

Influencers don’t promote just any brand – and they don’t offer every brand to every follower. Because every time an influencer promotes a product, two things happen.

First, they make money – which is good. That’s the foundation of an influencer business: promote products, be rewarded for that value.

But second, they lose followers. Even if the product is truly valuable, and it’s really something the audience needs, there’s always someone who will be annoyed that their favorite influencer is selling something. And as an influencer shares products and brands, those people will drop out.

Ultimately, that’s a good thing too – those followers aren’t a good fit for an influencer business, since they’re not interested in the type of products the influencer loves. But it also means that every time you promote, your influence shrinks a little.

Which is why influencers are very, very careful about which brands and products they choose to promote.

And that’s why, here at MyFavoriteThings, we want to empower you to be choosy about what you share.

We want to give you a platform that empowers you to choose the right product to share with each person in your circle.

We want to encourage you to be genuine about what you recommend to whom, so you can offer your friends, family, and circle of influence the products they really need.

Our goal is for you to be able to recommend and share the exact products you’re already recommending to your friends anyway – and then get rewarded.

Just like the biggest influencers do, we want you to be able to focus on relationships. We want you to focus on offering real value to the people you care about, whether that’s a late-night phone call to talk through relationship challenges, or a quick email recommending that great book on communication styles that you read recently.

You’ve spent your whole life building relationships with the people in your circle of influence.

Sharing products and brands with your circle shouldn’t strain those relationships; it should strengthen them.

If you’re excited about that vision, and you want to invite more women into your circle of influence, now is a great time to share your link with a few friends! Think of 3-5 women whose recommendations you listen to, and send them your link to invite them to be part of your Influencer Squad, so they can enjoy shopping, sharing, and earning rewards!

P.S. If you’d like to read through the all the details of our commission structure, you can find it in the FILES tab of our private Facebook group!

Email #4

Subj: What to say when you share

Hi *|FNAME|*,

Do you ever hesitate to invite women to MyFavoriteThings because you’re afraid of sounding salesy or pushy?

We want it to feel easy and natural for you to share and invite women into your Influencer Squad, so we’ve written a template that will help you reach out in a way that feels conversational and authentic.

Think about 3-5 women whose opinions and recommendations you respect, who you think would have a lot to offer building this project from the ground floor.

Then, swipe in your app to get your share link, and send a text or email to those women to invite them into your Influencer Squad!

Here’s what you can say:

Hey [name], I always love when you recommend brands I should try. [Personal note.] I thought you might be interested in this! I’ve just joined MyFavoriteThings, which is an app that empowers women to get rewarded for recommending the products and brands we’re already using and sharing. Would love to chat with you about it if you’re interested! Here’s a link that explains how it works: [Send Who_Why _How.pdf].

If you can, include a personal note about how you’ve used your friend’s recommendations recently! For example:

Hey Jen, I always love when you recommend brands I should try – I’m really loving my IUGA leggings you suggested! Since you have such great taste, I thought you might be interested in this! I recently joined MyFavoriteThings, which is an app that empowers women to get rewarded for recommending the products and brands we’re already using and sharing. Would love to chat with you about it if you’re interested! Here’s a link that explains how it works: [send the Who_Why_How.pdf].

Rewrite this script so it sounds like you – this is about you sharing authentically about a project you’re truly enthusiastic about!

If you follow this strategy one day a week, then you’ll be inviting 10-20 women a month into your Influencer Squad! Over the next few months till the full app launches, that will enable you to build up to a big team in your circle – one that rewards you, empowers you, and helps you create authentic relationships between women and brands that matter.


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