Don’t be boring.

Content should be exciting. Blog posts can get people talking, sharing, and linking to your site. Articles and newsletters can give fresh perspective on your business or nonprofit. Case studies can tell stories that your prospects and supporters can’t wait to read.

But sometimes, you get too familiar with your own story.

Sometimes, it takes a fresh viewpoint to uncover what your story really is.

I can provide that. As a freelance writer, journalist, and content strategist, I specialize in digging to the heart of a story and telling it in a new way. I can take a topic you’ve been writing about till you’re blue in the face and turn it on its head so it makes an impact. I’ll find the words to make it fascinating to your clients and customers. I’ll get them talking about your stories — and talking about you.

Interested? I write for businesses, nonprofits, web publications, and magazines. I can write about a lot of topics, but here’s where I specialize:

* parenting
* pregnancy
* politics
* health
* lifestyle
* children and teens
* community service
* volunteerism
* nonprofit issues

Tired of being boring? Get in touch.

Because your story isn’t boring.

Let’s tell it right.